Using drone and understanding the UK regulations

If you're thinking of buying a drone, have recently got one or have had one for a while, this course is a great way to get to grips with the legislation that is in place especially with the recent changes that came into effect from December 31st 2020. 


Many people don’t know that drones and model aircraft are subject to certain legal requirements, from the Remote Pilots potentially needing to do exam’s and register for Operator ID’s to doing flight assessments, applying to the CAA for Operational Authorisation and Flight Restriction zones that could lead to criminal offices and large fines if breached. 


While it may seem daunting, we're on hand at INFRATEC Drones, we love this Technology and the great applications it allows. This course is aimed at all that want to get an insight into what you need to know, and will help you make sure you meet the minimum requirements to fly your equipment safely and legally. 


It will also help you weigh up the benefits of the different training and assessment options that may be required for certain Drones and unmanned Aircraft 


As by the end of this FREE course you will know the difference between a Flyer ID, CofC and GVC meaning if you do want to progress or would like to potentially operate closer with your equipment you will have a good foundation of knowledge to make the right decision. 

Free Introduction to flying drones & Legislation UK