Quick Tip - Laser Range Finders

In this blog we are going to be talking about measuring distance, this is a useful tool but remember not everyone needs it, they can be expensive for a laser range finder with a good usable range and similar can be done for free by either pacing out the distance (once you work out what your paces equate to) or tools like gridreferencefinder or google earths measure tools to name a few.

It could be a useful tool to carry in your bag though to help confirm accurate distances that could be used in relation to confirming horizontal distances as well in some cases depending on the specifications of the equipment used possibly also the heights of hazards to help ensure your RTH height is set high enough.

Over long distances and in bright sunlight these devices can sometimes get a little picky and may throw erroneous data so do ensure you know the devices limitations if you were planning to use one.

Like with a lot of our equipment used, these are often battery powered so it could be something that you want to add to your equipment checks to make sure its functional and you have adequate power or spare batteries if they are replaceable.

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