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Updated: May 24

In this blog we are going to talk about a really useful piece of equipment, the anemometer.

While a great tool to have and use when looking to fly your drone or model aircraft its not with out its own limitations though.


They can be purchased from a variety of different sources with prices starting under £10 with that in mind it can be a great tool to add to your equipment if your new to drones and model aircraft.


The Anemometer will give you the ability to measure wind speed, which can be a great way to check if the conditions are suitable to fly your craft.

However they will only tell you the wind speed at surface level. So if you are planning to fly at a height it could be that the wind speeds are greater than what the anemometer read at the ground.

So with that in mind if you measure the wind speed at the surface and its close to the maximum wind speed your craft can safely fly then it would be wise to expect the higher winds could be outside the craft limitations and not safe to fly in.

Because of this you will also want to know what the wind speeds your craft can operate in, without this information, (if available will be in the specifications/manual), your anemometer will be of little to no use to help keep others and your equipment safe.

Also you will want to get familiar with the settings on your anemometer as often they will give you the windspeed in a variety of formats like Mph, M/s or Knots.

If your drone or model aircraft gives you the maximum safe windspeed in one format say m/s and you use mph it could be useful to use a tool like google's speed converter to get the information in a format your more familiar with

Also check the instructions to find out if the anemometer has a designated direction to measure the wind speed from, this is often denoted with an arrow on the unit.

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