Parrot Anafi and A2 CofC Advantages

Parrot Anafi

The Parrot Anafi is a great little craft that has being on the market since July 1st 2018

Do bear in mind that under the new legislation the distinctions for training and assessments are no longer linked to the commercial use but in the level of risk posed to uninvolved persons.


This is where it can get a little confusing as under the new regulations you have a few paths that you could choose to follow depending on what your application is and how you need to fly the drone in relation to proximity to congested areas and uninvolved persons.

What can you do without the A2 CofC?

Under the new UAS regulations, in the open category you can fly the Parrot Anafi in the A3 subcategory with only completing the DMAREs (Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme)

This will cost you £9 for the operator ID which is valid for 1 year and the flyer ID which involves a 40 question multiple choice exam it is free and valid for 5 years

These can be applied for and taken here -

Under the A3 Sub category you can fly under the following limitations (note this is not just applicable to the Parrot Anafi but all drones and model aircraft up to a mass of 25kg)

The A3 Sub-category will allow to fly under the following limitations

What the A2 CofC (Certificate of Competency) allows with drone

Where this may be fine for some remote pilots and operators the fact that you need to be 150m away from a congested area and 50m from an uninvolved person make many applications exceedingly difficult if not impossible.

By taking the A2 CofC course and passing the Theory Examination it will allow you to use the Parrot Anafi (which is an A1 Transitional Aircraft) under the following limitations

Is there any value in doing the GVC (General VLOS Certificate)?

While at first you may think that there is no point in going down the route of completing a GVC if looking to fly the Parrot Anafi with the very flexible distances the A2 CofC allows, however it may still be a useful qualification and route to keep in mind if you want to set up a lot more possibilities.

One of those is that by completing the GVC and applying to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for an Operational Authorisation, is that under PDRA-01 you can fly over an uninvolved person if you can mitigate the risks posed to them and maintain the 50m separation distance from uninvolved person (note this is not a horizontal distance like in the Open Category)

This could be useful for those that plan to use the equipment for autonomous mapping & surveying purposes where due to the large areas the Anafi will fly, it may take some of the strain off the Remote pilot during the operation.

How does this compare to the Mavic series from DJI?

It can be hard to compare these head-to-head as they offer such different functionality and both have excellent features.

The main thing that sets the Anafi apart from the Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 series of products is the weight or mass of the drone.

As the Mavic’s weight is from 905g which is over the less than 500g maximum “flying weight” of an aircraft that can be used under the A1 Transitional class provisions, this in its self isn't an Issue and a A2CofC with a DJI Mavic 2 pro is still an excellent choice. But you will be limited to 50m horizontally from uninvolved persons.

What's the point of a great camera and feature set if you can’t get in close enough to use it?


Out of the box the Parrot Anafi is a great tool and depending on which model you go for, can have many excellent features that are backed by a great price.

While they lack the polish of DJI equipment especially around the transmitter overall it’s a great tool that can do a variety of Jobs very well.

Also, when coupled with the likes of a A2 CofC or even potentially a GVC training course the benefits and changes to the limitations compared to it heavier counterparts by DJI make it easier to understand the potential of adding one of these to your fleet.

For more information on the Anafi specifications Parrot Anafi

For more information on the A2 CofC training course A2 CofC

Final Thoughts

If you require any additional information on any of the above, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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