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As of December 31st 2020 new legislation came into effect that brought major changes to the legal requirements of those that fly, operate and even manufacture drones and model aircraft.

As a remote pilot of a drone or model aircraft the main changes that will affect you are the likes of the registration requirements, qualification requirements and the new limitations that are put on to drones and model aircraft under this new legislation.

INFRATEC Drones has developed a FREE course to help all drone flyers understand the rules and regulations.

The course covers in depth modules that will help you understand the UK legislation around drone flying.

Modules covered are:

  • Drone and Model aircraft legislation and Requirements

  • UK requirements to fly drones & Model aircraft

  • Privacy, drones and model aircraft


  • Operator ID

  • Flyer ID

  • How to know which ID you need?

  • Insurance

  • What are the different categories of operation

  • Open category, Specific category and Certified category

  • Open Category - Overview

  • Specific Category - Overview

  • Certified Category - Overview

  • Open category

  • Open category - Types of operation

  • What can I do now?

  • Flying safely and responsibly

  • what are the rules?

  • Making every flight safe

  • Less common flying

  • Drone Flight Restriction Zones (FRZ)

  • Incidents, Accidents and Emergencies

  • The different aircraft classifications

  • Different aircraft classifications

  • Transitional provisions

  • Transitional aircraft examples

  • Modifying a C class drone or model aircraft

  • Maintaining your drone or model aircraft

  • How to find out information

  • What kind of information do you want to check?

  • Resources you may want to use

  • Competency requirements and when you may need to seek additional training

  • Flights that do not fit in the A3 Sub-category

  • A2 CofC

  • GVC

  • CPD Training

  • Interested in further training?

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