A2 CofC - Building Blocks

In this blog we will be taking a look at the the building blocks for the A2 CofC or certificate of competency that will allow a remote pilot to fly in the A2 Subcategory.

To obtain your A2 CofC you need to complete 4 steps before your certificate can be issued by a RAE or recognised assessment Entity like INFRATEC Drones.

So lets start at the bottom and see what you need to do to get your A2 CofC


We recommend that your first step should be to complete the DMARES or drone and model aircraft registration and education scheme. This will gave you a base understanding of the rules and regulations as well as the likes of your Flyer ID and operator ID so that you can later complete your period of self study practical flight training.

This can be completed here - https://register-drones.caa.co.uk/


Step 2 would be to take your A2 CofC course we run these remotely via online learning so that you can pick and choose the times that suit your work and life to go through the course, without having an impact on you. This could roughly take 4-6 hours depending on your previous experience.

If you are interested in the A2 CofC, further information can be found here - https://www.infratec-drones.com/a2cofc-online-course


Step 3, is now the time to put those new found skills in to practise and go and fly your drone, you need to be able to provide evidence of undertaking a period of self-practical flight training or you could choose to take some guided instruction to help ensure you operate as safely and effectively as possible. Remember though you still don’t have your A2 CofC yet so the flying must be completed under within the A3 Subcategory of the regulations ( far from people) Step one and two will help you to understand what this means.


Once you have completed the first three building blocks of the A2 CofC your then ready to take your exam and at INFRATEC Drones we can run these face to face at a variety of locations or also remotely bringing even more flexibility to your learning.

The exam for the A2 CofC here at INFRATEC Drones is 30 questions that are multiple choice and you have 75minutes to complete it giving you roughly 2 and half minutes per questions which really takes the pressure off, we even have practise exams and recap questions within the lessons to help ensure your ready for the exam before booking.

To pass the exam you need to achieve a pass mark of 75% and above. And once this is done you can be issued your A2 CofC which is valid for 5 years

One of the nice things about the A2 CofC is that as soon as you receive your certificate which is often on the same day as taking your exam you can start to make use of benefits it brings.

There is no further applications or associated fee’s other than insurance if you were planning to fly for purposes other than recreational.

Hopefully, this blog and video brought a little insight into what it takes to get your A2 CofC if you fly a drone or model aircraft over 250g and under 2kg its definitely one to check out.

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