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Photography / Videography Workshop


Understand your cameras settings and not rely on Auto settings. This course is perfect for anyone using DSLR, CSC, Mirrorless, Advanced compact, Bridge or any Camera with Manual controls including drones. 

Take full control of your camera enabling you to capture the most stunning shots with your unique perspective. 

Photography and Videography is art and there is not one rule that suits, you will be taught how to control the camera to manipulate the settings to achieve your goal. 

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants to understand manual camera settings.

Is this a drone only course?

No anyone who owns a camera and wants to get away from auto settings will benefit attending this course. 

For Drones - If you are using your drone commercially then it is a good idea to understand how the camera works. Auto settings will only get you so far. Having a full understanding on how the camera works will help you get the correct shot your client is asking for.

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