Commercial Operations within the Open Category (A1-A3)

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Understand the changes within the Open Category 

This course is aimed at those that plan to use UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) or Drones within the Open Category but want to maintain a high level of oversight and standards. 

If you are responsible for a team of Remote pilots and you want to ensure that the process and procedures are in place to ensure safety of members of the public your employee and  the equipment then this is the course for you.

If you operate drones in the Open Category A1-A3 then this course is for you and your business. 

Even if you are a small independent drone operator that is looking to dip your toes into the market or use drones sporadically as another string to the bow of an existing business you can gain a lot from this course. 

Is this needed for the Open Category? 

Well this depends, while drone operations that are conducted within the open category are not subject to CAA oversight like those that are conducted within the Specific category and the associated Operational Authorisations issued by the CAA. There is still a requirement that you must operate safely and it is expect that if you have multiple aircraft and remote pilots that you do have SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) in place.

Training course progression ladder:

Upon completion of the Commercial Op Course in the Open Cat (A1-A3,) if a candidate then wishes to upgrade/progress their training to complete the A2 CofC, candidates will automatically qualify for an A2 CofC course discount, equivalent to the price paid previously for the Commercial Op Course.
Upon completion of the A2 CofC, if a candidate then wishes to upgrade/progress their training to complete INFRATEC Drones' GVC course, candidates will automatically qualify for an GVC course discount, equivalent to the price paid previously for the A2 CofC.

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