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GVC Online Course

The GVC is the route to an Operational Authorisation to operate within the Specific Category. The Operational Authorisation allows the pilot who holds it to operate against their operations manual and allows pilots to fly up to 25kg drones.  


When do you need a GVC?  

A common question we get asked as under the new UAS regulations that came into effect on the 31st December 2020 brought a selection of new qualifications like the A2 CofC (Certificate of Competency) and the GVC (General “VLOS” Certificate) to the table.  

If you fly larger drones and can’t do that within the scope of the Open category then the GVC is a great way to remove those issues by allowing you to apply for authorisation to operate in the Specific category removing issues around aircraft weights and CE classifications on drones up to 25kg and more if applying for a specific permission.  


In most cases you end up with PDRA-01 which shows a set of specific limitations and conditions that you can operate within under that authorisation, which allows a great deal of flexibility when used in conjunction with our Free A2 CofC course for smaller drones when you need to get closer.  

The Course

Our CAA Approved GVC course is a great way to get the certification needed to apply for your Operational Authorisation from the CAA to operate sub 25kg drones in the specific category.


You will study 9 modules on the course in a classroom or via Zoom video calls with Live instructors. 

When you complete the 9 modules known as ground school you will complete a multiple choice exam of 40 questions then you will receive an operations manual template to complete once this is signed off you can take your flight assessment. 


You will need access to a laptop, computer or device that has Zoom for the first two days. The exam is completed when you are ready, 1:1 via Zoom and you will need a laptop or computer with a working webcam and microphone to complete the exam. 


Flight assessments will be conducted once your operations manual is signed off by INFRATEC Drones. We will arrange a flight test with you when you feel ready. 


Whats an Operations Manual?  

In short, it's an overview of how you plan to operate showing your details, structure, equipment and how you plan to operate. People often feel that this is a lot of work but we provide a great template and continual guidance through the process to help you make the changes needed to suit your operations and equipment used.  

INFRATEC Drones official drone safe training school

This course is online Via Zoom with a tutor training you as you go.  

Flight assessments will be arranged on an individual basis.  


  • Free ground school exam retakes  

  • Live tutors during sessions  

  • Flight test included 

  • Operations manual template included and reviewed  

  • FREE  A2 CofC Course worth £59

  • Access to INFRATEC Drones training portal 

  • You'll receive your certificate via email on completion 

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The General Visual line of sight Certificate know as the GVC is a new qualification set around the NEW UAS regulations. This qualification is proof that you have the knowledge and skill set to operate sub 25kg drones safely within Visual line of sight in the specific category.  


When you receive your GVC certificate you can use this to apply for an Operational Authorisation from the CAA that will give you all privileges set out in your operations manual to operate sub 25kg drones in the specific category. 


Further Information  

We want to make sure you know exactly what your signing up to all of the costs and upkeep and why you’d really benefit from taking a training course with INFRATEC Drones 


With that in mind we have some great blog posts that will help you make sure you know what you need to do and all of the possibilities this opens up for you.  

GVC Reviews

5 Stars 



Infratec provided a fantastic service in re-certifying myself from PfCO to GVC - the execution of the webinars and the quality of materials both online and hard copy were 2nd to none... The subject matter expertise of the instructional staff was 1st class. Would highly recommend Infratec for all your UAS needs. Don't delay enquire today !

November 2021

5 Stars 



I completed my A2CofC, GVC with infratec it was very thorough clear and knowledgeable. From inception of the course material to the learning and examination everything was delivered exceptionally, I couldn't fault the experience and helpfulness of everyone from Lee to Dan. I also look forward to gaining further knowledge and getting in touch if I require any help.. if your reading my review I thoroughly recommend using infratec..

November 2021