GVC Course Face to Face Middlesbrough 

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Next GVC Middlesbrough - TBC

Next GVC Online - 10th October 2022

Next GVC Conversion - 10th October 2022 (Online)

The GVC is the route to an Operational Authorisation to operate within the Specific Category. The Operational Authorisation allows the pilot who holds it to operate against their operations manual and allows pilots to fly up to 25kg drones. 

The Course

Our CAA Approved GVC course is a great way to get the certification needed to apply for your Operational Authorisation from the CAA to operate sub 25kg drones in the specific category. 

You will study 9 modules on the course.

When you complete the 9 modules known as ground school you will complete a multiple choice exam of 40 questions then you will receive an operations manual template to complete. Once this is signed off you can take your flight assessment.

Flight assessments will be conducted once your operations manual is signed off by INFRATEC Drones. We will arrange a flight test with you when you feel ready.

This course is held at our Middlesbrough training centre.

Flight assessments will be arranged on an individual basis. 

  • Free ground school exam retakes 

  • Flight test included

  • Operations manual template included and reviewed 

  • A2 CofC online course included 

  • You'll receive your certificate via email on completion

  • GVC & A2 CofC Physical card and lanyard on completion

The General Visual line of sight Certificate know as the GVC is a new qualification set around the European UAS regulations.  This qualification is proof that you have the knowledge and skill set to operate sub 25kg drones safely within Visual line of sight in the specific category. 

When you receive your GVC certificate you can use this to apply for an Operational Authorisation from the CAA that will give you all privileges set out in your operations manual to operate sub 25kg drones in the specific category.