Fixed Wing Training and Assessment  


Looking to add fixed with capabilities to your team, why not choose to take your assessment with us here at INFRATEC Drones, you can also choose to bolt on practical flight training if you have never flown a fixed wing UAS before.  

Don’t own a fixed wing yet?  

We can supply the use of a fixed wing during your training and assessment  


The aircraft we use for fixed wing training is the Parrot Disco, a great aircraft that is easy to learn how to fly but also gives the ability to fly it like a true fixed wing. During our training and assessment process you will be able to develop core skills in flying a fixed wing that will translate to all future craft that you use  
















What does the training and assessment consist of?  


Over the course of the day, you will receive both a mix of theoretical classroom training and practical flight training.  

  • Operational differences between multi-rotor and fixed wing UAS 

  • Planning considerations when using a fixed wing UAS 

  • Risk assessment considerations when using a fixed wing UAS  

  • Practical flight training in both manual and automated flying. (Half Day) 

  • Flight assessment to the GVC (General VLOS Certificate) syllabus (Half Day) 


Additional information 



While both the theory training and practical flight training can be conducted in any weather conditions due to our indoor training facilities that allow for smaller fixed wing training craft to be used and also the use of flight simulators, if the weather was to be bad on the day, we would look to reschedule the external flight training to a date that is convenient for you.  


Undertaking practical flight training does not mean you will pass the examination, it will however give you the skills to undergo a flight examination, Our experienced trainers and assessors will be able to offer guidance and training on areas to work on but you will need to be able to operate the aircraft to a satisfactory level to pass the exam, if we felt that further training or time was needed to consolidate skills and understanding we would look to facilitate this into the day or a future date.  


After course completion  

Once you have completed the training and assessment you will need to apply to the CAA for the amendments to be made to your Operational Authorisation.