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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any ongoing costs I need to be aware of after completing the A2 C of C course?


One of the draws to completing the A2 CofC if you have a suitable aircraft is that, when operating in the open category you are not subject to further approval from the CAA unlike if planning to operate in the Specific Category.


This means that once you complete your course the on going costs are minimal but would include 

  • Operator ID (£9 Annual renewal)

  • EC 785/2004 for non recreational flights (Can be as little as £5 per flight if pay as you fly)


Both the A2 CofC and the GVC certificates are valid for 5 years from issue, so at some point in the future you would need to factor in the cost of a refresh and reassessment to continue operating with a A2 CofC. 


Does the A2 C of C Course include the Exam within the course fee?

Yes all of the courses that we offer also include the examination within the course cost, so you can rest assured the price you pay will be enough to cover all the elements that you need to be able to attain your certificates, with the only additional costs being payable to 3rd parties (£9 to obtain a Operator ID with the CAA, and the cost of obtaining EC-785/2004 compliant insurance)



Are there any additional charges that I would have to pay if I was to fail the exam


No we do not charge any additional costs if you were to fail and need to retake an exam.  


If you were to fail a exam, a member of the training team would work with you and offer feedback and guidance to ensure that your knowledge and understanding across all the key topics will improve to help you achieve a pass on your next examination. 


How long is the A2 CofC and GVC valid for after completing the course.

The A2 C of C (Certificate of Competency) and the GVC (General ‘VLOS’ Certificate) are both valid for 5 years from issue, eventually when your certificate is near expiration or if you were to let it expire you would need to conduct a reassessment to be issued a new certificate. 


Are there any ongoing costs I need to be aware of after completing the GVC course?

Similar to the A2 CofC you will need to factor in both the cost EC-785/2004 insurance and the fee to obtain your Operator ID from the CAA. 


One additional charge to be aware of is that upon completing your GVC you will have to apply to the CAA to obtain your Authorisation, this is subject to annual renewal and currently costs £257 for the initial application. 


What are the requirements to be able to take a remote theory examination? 

To be able to take the remote theory examination you must have a laptop or PC that has the following. 

  • Working microphone

  • Working webcam 

  • A space free from interruptions for the duration of the examination

  • A stable internet connection that can handle streaming both Audio and video without issue. 


Is the A2 CofC the right course for me, if I fly a Mavic 2 pro/zoom.

While the A2 CofC is not required to fly your aircraft if you wanted to operate closer that 150m horizontally to a congested area, by holding a A2 CofC you would be able to do this as long as you can comply with the 50m horizontal from a uninvolved person requirement.


What is the minimum I need to do to be able to fly a drone, or remote control aircraft commercially in the UK?

When the new legislation came into effect the “commercial” element was removed so the requirements to legally fly are now the same for both recreational and commercial users. 


One of the main changes was that the new competencies and permissions structure is based around the level of risk you flight poses to uninvolved persons, 


The minimum that you need to do will vary depending on the equipment you fly, but for most users the minimum would require you to complete a flyer ID and register for a Operator ID. there are some exceptions to this for the very small craft and toys but further information can be found via the link below. 


Are there any things I should be looking out for when choosing an insurance company to cover my drone flights? 

One of the key requirements is that you ensure that your public liability insurance meets the requirements of EC-785/2004 most drone insurance companies make this very visible on their website or you could ask them if speaking to them on the phone.


Outside of that like all insurance you want to make sure it meets your requirements.

  • Is the amount of cover enough for your planned operations.

  • Are there any limitations that would mean your not covered in certain scenarios (at night, Indoors or over water etc) 


Due to the fast paced nature of this industry it can also be wise to see if they are any limitations or costs around amending your policy if you needed to increase the amount of liability cover or if you were to change your drone. 


Do you offer additional support to students, if they were to struggle with the A2 CofC online learning format?


Yes, if at any point you feel that you have questions unanswered or you are not quite sure the content help is on hand via phone or email to ensure you complete your course with a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding to keep yourself and others safe when using your equipment. 

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