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Here at INFRATEC Drones we pride ourselves on only using the best equipment available to ensure that every operation we deploy on, is as safe as practicable for those involved and third parties in the vicinity of the operation.


While safety is one of our core values, we also understand that end users need to have access to quality data, as this is in most cases, a large reason for deploying an unmanned aircraft. 


If your organisation is looking to start utilising drones to help manage risks associated with working at heights, confined spaces, access and egress or increasing situational awareness, this is what we specialise in.

We can offer consultancy around the equipment and training you would need to achieve your outcomes and help bring peace of mind that the time and resources that you devote to making the step pay off. 


Why not get in touch to book a FREE 30 minute introduction and consultation to ensure you take the right path to utilising unmanned aircraft and Drones Safely and efficiently. 

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