A2 CofC Full Online Course

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Understand the changes to an A2 CofC

The A2 CofC (Certificate of Competency)  allows the Remote Pilot who holds it, to reduce or remove some of the new Drone restrictions that will affect all remote pilots. It allows for more flexibility on how and where you can fly, whether this is done for commercial work or recreational purposes. 

The new UAS legislation came into effect on the 31st of December 2020 and with this brought range of drone pilot qualifications that allow drones of different sizes to be used in a range of different environments.  


Do I need to do this?  

The minimum that a remote pilot is required to do under the UAS regulations can vary but for most it is required that a remote pilot completes the DMARES (Drone and Model Aircraft registration and Education Scheme) further Information on this can be found HERE on the Civil Aviation Authority register drones website. 


We also have a FREE! Online drone course that you can sign up for that goes into more detail on the operational side (Flying and planning)  


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If you don’t take further training through the A2 CofC or even the GVC (General “VLOS” Certificate) if you plan to fly larger drones or model aircraft, you will find that it may be hard to find a location that meets the regulations to be able to fly.  

The Course

Our CAA Approved A2 CofC course is a great way to get the certification needed to operate your drones legally and also be able to fly in locations that wouldn’t be possible by just completing the DMARES.  

You will study 3 modules on this course; Meteorology, UAS Flight Performance and UAS Flight Operations and when you are ready to take your exam, simply let us know and we can arrange an appointment for your exam.  

This course is 100% online, with tutors available during office hours to answer any questions you may have. 

  • Free exam retakes  

  • No flight test or operations manual needed  

  • You'll receive your certificate via email  

The A2 CofC is valid for 5 years from completion meaning that at £59 its only going to cost you around £11.80 per year to open up more possibilities with an appropriate drone with the only additional cost to you being insurance if you plan to use the drone for commercial purposes.  

Drone Training School

Free 10 question A2 CofC mock test - get a general feel of how the exam is set out. 

Still not sure?


We are firm believers in making sure you know what your signing yourself up to before committing so we have wrote a selection of blogs that cover key areas that both a new drone pilot or experienced pilot will want to be familiar with to ensure you choose the right course and understand what amazing benefits it will bring to your flying.