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A2 CofC Full Mock Exams

The Course

Our CAA Approved A2 CofC course is a great way to get the certification needed to operate your drones legally and also be able to fly in locations that wouldn’t be possible by just completing the DMARES.  

You will study 3 modules on this course; Meteorology, UAS Flight Performance and UAS Flight Operations and when you are ready to take your exam, simply let us know and we can arrange an appointment for your exam.  

This course is 100% online, with tutors available during office hours to answer any questions you may have. 

  • Free exam retakes  

  • Free A2 CofC Card with Lanyard

  • No flight test or operations manual needed  

  • You'll receive your certificate via email  

The A2 CofC is valid for 5 years from completion meaning that at £70 its only going to cost you around £14 per year to open up more possibilities with an appropriate drone with the only additional cost to you being insurance if you plan to use the drone for commercial purposes.  

The Exam

The A2 CofC exam is a 30 question multiple choice exam. Each questions has one correct answer for you to choose. To complete the exam you have a full 75 minutes giving you plenty of time to check your answers before you submit. 

INFRATEC Drones has produced two mock exams that you can use to help with your A2 CofC study. The exams are designed to feel like the real thing giving you a true idea what the final exam will be like. 

Anyone can complete the mock exams, these have been made available for anyone too signup and have a go even before you commit to the course. 

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