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Our A2 CofC Bridging course is designed to bridge the gap between A2 CofC and GVC. 

The Course

With the new legislation that came into effect from the 31st December 2020, brought in some great changes. 


It is not about the type of flight (commercial or recreational) you are conducting that would trigger what level of assessment and authorisation you would need to undertake but the level of risk posed to uninvolved persons. 


What this means now is that if you fly a small low risk drone or model aircraft, or you are flying far from people with a larger drone the minimum requirement for you to comply with will be elements of the DMARES (the Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme) 


While you may only need to complete a Flyer ID (free) and Operator ID (£9) to get yourself legal to fly your Drone (not forgetting Insurance if using commercially) 


You may find that you're missing some of the benefits of completing one of the required training courses like the GVC for flights that pose higher risk. 


With that in mind here at INFRATEC we have chosen to help keep the industry as safe as possible by providing affordable training to help bridge that gap. 


While this training is not a requirement it will help to ensure that you are well versed in the planning and documentation of a drone flight, as well as using a range of apps and websites to check for potential hazards and assess if it will be safe to conduct the flight  


Where this will be invaluable to you is if you were asked to complete work for a larger organisation that would expect you to be able to provide risk assessments and method statements, as without providing suitable documentation they will not allow the operation to proceed.  

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